Site Visit

Forth Corporation Public Company Limited has organized a factory visit activity. The opportunity was given to 40 minority shareholders. We reserve the right to the shareholders who have been granted the right to visit the factory. The shareholders must have the following details:

• Granting rights to shareholders who register to visit the factory. On the date of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2019 On August 23, 2019

• Granting rights to the listed shareholders as at the Record Date of August 27, 2019.

(More details Can be downloaded from the project description file below)

Guidelines during the factory visit

• Dress in modest attire. Wear closed or heeled shoes (do not wear sandals).

• Follow various instructions. Of the staff during the visit

• Audio and video recording is not allowed in the production area.

• Do not perform any other activities without notification and permission from the staff.

Project details
Detail Download
List of Eligible Persons to Visit the Project Download