Q&A on Opportunity Day

1. Forth EMS outlook I do not know how much about the order book? And look at that this year How will the whole year be?
The slowdown in Q1 and Q2, especially this Q2, due to the impact of the COVID-19 situation, but in Q3, orders have already arrived and have gradually recovered.This year, we try to keep FORTH EMS always at a loss, which is as long as we look at the budget for the whole year. FORTH EMS should be a little profitable. And waiting for the COVID-19 situation to resolve next year We will enter the international market and look for more jobs in Thailand.Nowadays, the company has 4 business units which are 1) EMS Business (Electronics Manufacturing Service business) Manufacture and distribution of electronic equipment under trademark of “FORTH” and under the customer brand 2) Telecommunication business Manufacture, distribution and installation telecommunication equipment as well as integration telecommunication solutions 3) Related technology business Manufacture, distribution and installation technological equipment such as LED lighting, traffic light system, closed-circuit television (CCTV), enterprise resource planning (ERP), digital electric meter, global positioning system (GPS) etc. 4) Retail business Service provider for mobile top-up and online payments via “automatic payment machine” under the trademark of “Boonterm”
2. Existing backlog what about the average gross margin ratio? Range 1H20 has 20.6% gross margin (Enterprise Solution), which is considered a low level.
Average gross margin 2H2020 is approximately the same as 1H2020.
3. How much is the revenue target for this year to grow from the previous year that was about 6.8 billion baht?
Revenue in 2020 is expected to grow similar to the previous year.
4. Will the performance trend of the second half of the year grow over the first half? Due to what
Performance in the second half of the year is likely to grow more than the first half. This is because each business group has started to recover from the impact of the COVID 19 situation.
5. Do you know if FORTH supply electronic meter is provided to other market players who win bid in smart grid project?
The company is willing to supply if the bidder has needs.
6. Backlog 2,985 million baht. How much do you recognize this year?
The company currently has a backlog of over 2,900 million baht and expects to recognize half of the revenue this year.
7. EM that aims to install 1.2 thousand units this year, right? And how many of these are we currently serving?
1.2 thousand EMs will be installed this year. And is being installed gradually
8.Anklet Does the company have a goal of whether it will increase the percentage of total income in 3 years
Gradually recognizing income Because it is a rental.
9. Inquire about whether adding an EM bracelet to solve the problem of prisoners, is it a good thing for us?
Considered to be a good result for the company.
10. The coffee machine operates with FORTH or FSMART and how to share income?
The coffee machine is operated by Fort Vending Company Limited, which has FORTH and FSMART holding more than 55% of the shares (FORTH holds 45% and FSMART 10%). All cabinets
11. The company has income proportion from business groups. Or what kind of product the most.
Currently, the proportion of income from the Smart Service group is the most.
12. How will this PROJECT FORTH MRO be formed?
According to the plan, the original structure will be demolished. And build a new workshop which will take about 1 year and can start operation in the 2-3 quarter of 2022.
13. How much is the budget for building an airplane repair shop? / Where do you get the money?
Investment in FORTH MRO will be approximately 500-700 million baht, which the capital structure is under consideration.