Company group It operates from manufacturing to distribution of products and services to customers.
The customer groups include both public and private organizations as well as general retail customers.
The company has organized its business operations into 3 groups: Enterprise Solutions Business Group, EMS Business Group and Smart Services Business Group.

3 Business Groups


EMS Business

Manufacturing and distributing electronics parts and devices.


Enterprise Solutions Business

Procurement projects for government and private sector.


Smart Service Business

Online banking services Selling products and services through automatic kiosks

Enterprise Solution Business

Enterprise Solution Business Group operates a comprehensive telecommunication network business. By providing contractor services for various projects Of both public and private organizations Covering from site survey, design work, system implementation and installation work In addition, the Enterprise Solutions Business Group provides telecommunication equipment, IT equipment, and aircraft and aircraft spare parts distribution.

EMS Business

EMS Business Group The business of manufacturing and assembling electronic circuit boards (Print Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and electronic devices) in the form of a turnkey and consign part for both domestic customers. And abroad in a variety of industrial groups As well as providing consultation and product design with customers who want to develop products or create new solutions (Startup Business). In addition, the EMS business group offers electrical and electronic equipment procurement and distribution services for industrial factories and general customers. Since semiconductor Control panel parts Measuring and testing instruments As well as automation equipment, providing a full range of design and assembly services

Smart Service Business

Smart Service Business Group operates the business of providing top-up service, payment acceptance and banking agent through automatic online kiosk. Including personal loan services As well as the business of selling drinks and products through automatic vending machines (vending machines) to general customers